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So this isn't a problem with the game necessarily but from the appearance of the game and store page the game seems very Yuri VN so I ended up with a female name... 

I'm too lazy to go back so good luck with your female name MC


Is this nsfw/are there sex scenes?

Such a warm and cozy friend group. Makes me wish there was more to see from these characters! Great story, fun writing and satisfying ending options!!  

plz do Android

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-Made a Video.


don't download this it's so obviously evil and demonic, if you want to invite demonic spirits into your life go ahead but be prepared for regret, Turn to Jesus, if there's evil then there's good, Jesus always wins


So any reason I, as a Jew, should care?

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Why does the EXE file delete itself when I try to open it???


Most likely your antivirus program. Open the antivirus, and check its quarantine.


I got the infinitely Irma ending for my play through, that was such a sweet story to play through, also Irma best girl!

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Game is short but i love it and the Art is really beautiful :) 

Well, I just impulsively played through this game not knowing what to expect and I certainly enjoyed the experience. Not sure how I feel about my ending but maybe I should replay it a few times!

I am confused. Am I supposed to be a girl or a guy in this story? It's the part about witches being female which doesn't include me. Sorry, I know but as I called myself Christine, I was hoping to be female and make the a beautiful Yuri story. Thank you.


The story turned out to be more complex and spooky that I'd ever guess. Cute girls and romantic ending - all I could ask for :) 

Amazing game! I really enjoyed it, great characters and plot. I was wondering if you could maybe do either a video or something else to show how to get all the endings since I can't figure out how to get endings 1 and 2 QwQ

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So sweet


Still confused on why Irma are flirting with the main character during a life and death situation of their friend, but not much a problem. The last part of where you make me have to choose between Irma and Lilia are so stressful, luckily there's a third option. 

I actually have unlocked all the ending, but I didn't record how here. Let's just say the first two ending are where you date one of them, third ending is.... a secret, and the last two endings should be avoided at all cost, how you ask? Love your friends.


Oh that was fast!! Aw, I hope you don't hate Irma~ Thank you so much for playing!! <3


Nah, I don't hate her. Just a lil bit suspicious at first, but all good. She's a good girl~


Hi! I just wanted to ask what gender the main character is? Is it chosen by the player or is it predetermined? I don't think it was touched on in the description- correct me if I'm wrong!

Anyways, the game looks so cute!


Hello! The character you play is male, but you can choose his name :]

oh ok, thank you!

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Sorry for not asking first, I added this game to "Ren'Py Games List" & "Ren'Ai Archive". If you don't want it, you would contact them( to not post.

No worries, that's fine, thanks :)

Alright, I admit that you both as the developer do able to create cute girls as your bio says. Pretty nice, the character are eye catching to see, some expression to make them feel alive, the plot.... Feels like a manga. The background sometimes doesn't fit the situation, or perhaps it did? Overall it's good.

Thanks for playing!! ^_^


Oi eu sou do brasil, esse jogo tem a opção de colocar em português?




Aaa ♡♡ This comment makes me so happy! hehe ; u ;


I absolute loved this game! I would like to see more adventure of the trio!

Thank you for playing! I am so glad you enjoyed ♡ I would love to expand the game sometime in the future :)





so cute!loved the characters and the story!


Aw I'm so happy to hear that ; u ; ♡♡ Thank you for playing!

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Sweet game

Thank you so much for playing!! <3


Loving the interactions between the characters in this game, thoroughly enjoying the conversations between the characters! Their expressions are wonderful! ^o^


It was a joy to watch your playthrough, I like the commentary haha. Thank you for playing!!


My pleasure, very happy you are enjoying the commentary! ^o^ 

Got all the endings, very good game love the characters :3

<3 Thank you so much for playing!

your welcome! :]

I enjoyed the game very much! Got all endings and got satisfied :)

also I was very surprised reading the credits that's this is your first Visual Novel. The GUI looks very good and the arts, sprites, also the writing is great. 

One thing that bothered me is that you can't save while having the choices. Maybe it's just me who don't like that anyway I just saved after one of the choices and then went back, I guess this should be a bug but  that's all! awesome game wait to see your future games :)


Thank you so much, RutraSan for playing!
I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it, and congrats on getting all of the endings, wow <3

Hmm, if you right click on the screen during a choice, you are still able to save. This was intentional by the team :) But we might consider changing it, I'm sorry if it was a bit confusing >_<


Oh I didn't noticed. Yeah you right renpy supports the option to open menu with MRC by default I forgot about it XD